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        CMA accelerates the construction of national climate observatory

        Source:China Meteorological News Press08-08-2022

        On July 21, China Meteorological Administration (CMA) has rolled out a management approach on national climate observatory, which clarifies the acceleration of the construction,regulation and scientific research capacity of national climate observatory.

        In recent years, CMA has continued to propel the construction of climate observatories, and has established 25 observatories nationwide. It has pushed forward the role of observatories in integrated observation, research-based operation, ecological and climate services, domestic and international exchange, and talent cultivation.This approach is based on the functions of the station, and clarifies the operation and management approaches of the aforementioned aspects.

        The observatory will conduct the long-term, continuous, three-dimensional and integrated observation of multiple layers of climate system and their interaction.

        The observatory will harness the integrated observation materials of multiple layers of the climate system, provide ecological and climate services oriented towards national demands, and conduct featured research with departments and institutions. The observatory will also aim to ramp up scientific innovation with institutions and form innovation teams.

        Editor: Liu Shuqiao